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Satisfaction assured with Goodyear's Assurance Tyre

Goodyear has launched its latest tyre in Australia and New Zealand, the Assurance; for safety-conscious drivers of passenger cars who want superior grip and durability,in all road conditions - wet or dry.

Not only is Goodyear paving the road with new safety and performance innovations, it's also the first tyre manufacturer that offers a Satisfaction Assured Trial for its Assurance range. The Assurance tyre with ArmorGrip Technology™ combines several elements to enhance drivers' confidence when handling vehicles in wet or dry road conditions.

The "Grip" in ArmorGrip Technology™

One key element is Goodyear's new generation 3-dimensional blade system, called the Waffle Blade system, which evolved from the company's previous Bubble Blade system. This new technology is an interlocking technology in the blades of the tyre designed to provide better braking and grip on wet and dry road conditions while maintaining lateral block rigidity. In addition, Goodyear Assurance also features an advanced silica-based tread compound to increase its grip ability.

The "Armor" in ArmorGrip Technology™

Giving tyres better resistance against unexpected road hazards like rocks and potholes, the Assurance tyre also incorporates a layer of DuPont™ Kevlar® for outstanding durability. In addition to DuPont™ Kevlar®, Goodyear Assurance has a silica-reinforced Durawall technology in the sidewall to provide increased resistance to cuts and tears.

Satisfaction Assured Trial

In another first, Goodyear is offering Australian drivers a Satisfaction Assured Trial with its Assurance tyre.

Consumers that purchase a set of four Assurance tyres, have the option to return their tyres to the original place of purchase within 2 weeks from date of purchase or before 1,000kms usage, to redeem the offer. Goodyear will replace them with another set of Goodyear tyres up to the equivalent value of the original tyres purchased. All refit charges will be paid by Goodyear.

Melissa Tilley, Goodyear Brand Manager, said that Goodyear is committed to product innovation and giving consumers the latest and most advanced technology for drivers' confidence.

"As the only contact point with the road, tyres by default, are essential for vehicle control and safe driving and drivers want confidence on Australian roads.

"The Assurance is the first Goodyear tyre to feature our ArmorGrip Technology™, which improves the gripping capabilities in the dry and wet, and it's also more resistant against cuts, tears and road hazards with a layer of DuPont™ Kevlar® in the construction and silica reinforced Durawall technology in the sidewall," she said.

"There isn't a tyre satisfaction offer like this in Australia and it proves the confidence we have in the quality of our Assurance tyre," she said. The Assurance tyre was developed at Goodyear Technical Center in Luxembourg (GTC*L), the home to many of the world's leading tyre and research personnel and the birthplace of many leading tyre technologies.

"After almost two years of development and testing at our technical centre in Luxembourg, the Assurance has proven itself as a superior dry and wet grip tyreagainst its competitors," explains Ms Tilley.

June 2008