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Dunlop's Sprint Tyre at Symmons Plains in it's Second Round

Following an exciting debut at Winton that saw a new track record set, V8 fans will enjoy another round of action-packed racing at Symmons Plains this weekend with the second outing of Dunlop's fast, quick wearing SP Sport Maxx 'Sprint' tyre.

Dunlop's Operations Manager, Kevin Fitzsimons, said that another lap record could be broken at Symmons Plains.

"Symmons Plains is the second time teams will have both Dunlop's SP Sport Maxx 'Control' and the faster 'Sprint' tyre available to use throughout the race weekend," Mr Fitzsimons said.

"Despite drivers still getting used to Dunlop's 'Sprint' tyre, if teams find the right vehicle set-up and take advantage of the mostly sunny weather forecasts, Steven Richard's 2005 lap record could fall. "Symmons Plains' 2.4km circuit, the shortest in the Championship, has limited passing opportunities; therefore track position will again be very important and I think we will see plenty of action on the drive out of the turn 4 hairpin and the left hander at the end of the back straight," he said.

Fitzsimons said that it will be interesting to monitor the teams' strategies of when and how to use the SP Sport Maxx 'Sprint' tyre at Symmons Plains.

"Jamie Whincup showed us at Winton that the 'Sprint' tyre can be run at a pre-determined speed, faster than the 'Control' tyre, but not at top speed, for an entire race."

"Team managers will also be mindful of crashes at Symmons Plains' highly accident prone hairpin - which is the slowest corner in the Championship.

"The hairpin crashes often require the safety car, which disadvantage leaders and those teams that have already used their 'Sprint' tyres - it's a roll of the dice but should again be exciting for the fans," he said.

May 09