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From the track to the road with Dunlop's Direzza DZ101

Dunlop's latest addition to its high-performance tyre range, the Direzza DZ101, which utilises racing  tyre technology to bring the track tyre to the road, is designed by Dunlop for the fast growing so called "pimp my ride" car enthusiast market.

Craig Scher, Dunlop Brand Manager, said that if you enjoy time under the hood as much as behind the wheel then the Direzza DZ101 is the tyre for you.

"Retail dollars spent on performance products used to modify sport-compact cars has skyrocketed in recent years and car enthusiasts are increasingly looking for the perfectreplacement tyre as part of this modification process," Mr Scher said.

"In the Direzza DZ101, we believe we have created the perfect tyre for this market thanks to the knowledge derived from Dunlop's unrivalled experience in Motorsport."

When designing and testing the Direzza DZ101, Dunlop utilises its cutting-edge DRS (Digital Rolling Simulation) technology, which is primarily used for its racing tyres. The DRS technology uses simulation to reproduce tyre behaviour and road conditions digitally. This provides invaluable information on how the tyre and vehicle handle
variable road conditions, which results in a tyre with excellent handling, comfort and traction.

Mr Scher said that this technology also helps to reduce pattern noise and improve uniformity wear by optimising the angle and distribution of the grooves on the Direzza
DZ101. Other product benefits include better performance in the wet, handling and braking.

"The directional tread design featuring large shoulder tread blocks, enhances traction, stability and handling for maximum grip. Dual grooves spit out water so the footprint handles the road. Brake slots give DZ101 the extra oomph it needs to help stop even the most high-powered sports cars in their tracks," Mr Scher said.
"For the street, Direzza DZ101's sizes, offer the sport compact car enthusiasts a wide selection of performance rubber for their tuned cars and I believe they'll find Direzza's 'tuner' tyre range unmatched.

"From the world of racing to the everyday road, Dunlop is committed to providing high performance tyres. What is learned on the track is applied to the road through Dunlop's extensive product portfolio which includes tyres such as the new high-performance Dunlop Direzza DZ101," he said

The Dunlop Direzza DZ101 will be initially available in a range of sizes from 15 to 18 inch wheels. Dunlop has been at the forefront of motoring development for over a century becoming one of world's biggest and most respected tyre brands designing, developing and
producing tyres that constantly question and push the limits of technology. Dunlop is also the first and most crowned, winner of Le Mans 24 hour with 34 victories in the event, has achieved seven Formula One world titles and has 19 wins at Bathurst.

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May 2007