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Canberra Woman Savours 'Dance' With Denyer

A Canberra woman has ticked off one of her list of ‘must have’ experiences after winning a ride in a race car with TV personality, Grant Denyer.

August 2006

Joanne Monks, from Harman, won the ride in Denyer’s V8 Supercar when she and husband Ricki bought a set of tyres from JAX Tyres in Fyshwick.

The brand-new store was running a competition to win a hot lap with Denyer, whose Dick Johnson Racing Falcon is sponsored by the JAX Tyres group.

When Jo and Ricki heard the Seven Network personality would be at the Fyshwick store they decided to try to meet him. Then they learned buying a set of tyres would enter them in the lucky draw - and a week later there was an exciting phone call.

Jo thought the idea was for Ricki to have the hot lap – then he told her it would be her treat.

“It was an awesome experience, totally exhilarating,” says Joanne, who admits the adrenaline is still pumping after she and Ricki spent a weekend at Sydney’s Oran Park Raceway with Denyer and his team.

“Getting in and out of the car was hard, because of the tight seat and the rollcage, but once inside I felt very safe and comfortable.

“I can’t believe how close Grant got to the wall on main straight, but I didn’t scream!”

Joanne says Denyer’s crew made her a bit nervous initially by jokingly saying they hoped she hadn’t had lunch.

“They also suggested it would be a good idea for me to go to the toilet before my ride, but they were incredibly welcoming and wonderful at explaining everything was going on.

“And Grant was a total gentleman and so friendly. He seemed genuinely pleased that I was having a good time, and he really went out of his way to help.”

Joanne, an assistant with one of Boeing’s project teams, and husband Ricki, who is in the air force, spent the entire race weekend in Sydney as guests of JAX Tyres, enjoying the corporate facilities as well as an up-close-and-personal view of how V8 Supercar racing works.

“It was a lot of fun, the whole weekend. Everyone took such good care of us. I’m so glad we won. It was definitely one thing I can tick off on my list of 50 things I want to do in my life – just fantastic.”

Denyer is racing in the Fujitsu V8 Supercar (development) series, but has also recently been confirmed as part of the Dick Johnson line-up to contest the endurance races at Sandown and Bathurst.