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Dear David,

We were looking around Tweed Heads late May for 4 new tyres before an upcoming rego inspection and saw your station and called in for a quick chat after going to a few other local tyre service centres and your extensive advice and time was much appreciated, and the professional attitude to the place convinced us to choose your operation to get 4 new Pirelli P1's fitted to our VW Golf over the other 4 we visited.

2000 kms later after a trip to Wollongong in heavy rain proved your advice regarding their road-holding ability in the wet compared to our first set of factory fitted Bridgestones, so thanks for that.

After the trip, during our rego inspection (our Golf is now over 5 years old) the workshop inspector mentioned that our wheel alignment was off a bit (their “Platetronic” roll on / roll off test report stated Front + 2mm, Rear + 6 mm) so I called your team on Friday 5/7 to check out this information and “Leon” was surprised to hear that result and said he'd arrange a free check on the Saturday, just to make sure all was OK as a 6 mm variance was not normal.

That open invitation to check the alignment was, in itself very impressive, especially considering we had travelled over 2000 kms since your initial service. I was expecting to be fobbed off like most other tyre retailers, as 2000 kms travel could easily have rendered any wheel alignment out of warranty anyway.

On the Saturday “Josh” saw the rego alignment results and commented that they are unfortunately not as accurate as your hands-on 4 wheel laser alignment, but he was keen to re-check regardless, after offering me a coffee.

His inspection proved that the alignment was still almost prefect, but offered to tweak the rear LH Half-toe by what looks like 0.9mm according to his report.

Leon and Josh's outgoing approach to help resolve any doubt regarding the original quality of the wheel alignment was so refreshing in what's often perceived as a bit of a cut-throat industry, I just had to write a sincere congratulations and thank you to you and your professional and customer focused team for taking precious business time out to perform the recheck.

Needless to say, we are now a fan of your business and will do our utmost to recommend your franchise to our friends and family.

Well done, David.


Name: Roy and Lyn


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