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Hi I would just like to leave a feedback, about the Taree N.S.W branch off JAX tyres. I brought full set of off road tyres about 8 months ago at JAX in Taree. I Would just like to say how great the service is there, I have been back a few times now for help and advice and I must say the boys at JAX in Taree are just the best. Darren and Brad are really just a great pair off guys and so is the rest off the team. I tell people all the time to go to JAX in Taree, I think you can't go past JAX for service and friendship. I Really hope you past this message on too the boys in Taree. And show them some kind off Appreciation for There service to customers like me. I will be buying tyres from JAX all the time. Cheers

Name: Greg

Location: Taree

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