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Just wanted to follow up from the other day.

Firstly, thank you for the prompt service in getting my tyres in and fitting them the same day. Second, thank you for offerring a straight forward service where your first price was the best one and Jax's promise by name was lived up to.

From web search, to phone call to site visit I was very happy each step of the way...

You should know that I've been endorsing you since that day and am more than happy to refer people to your business anytime based on my experience.

As a back ground, one of your competitors (a national mainstream brand) offerred me the same tyres for over $850 each (after negotiation, originally $1,000 each) and tried to sell me into a different tyre (Yokohama, Dunlops)...i.e. they were not listening to what I wanted and tried to take advantage of my situation when I pulled into their site after getting a flat tyre. Further, I'm not a tyre man, but I do know that things that don't sell everyday tend to have the bigger margins in them...given that no one stocks these continentals it did not make sense to have to pay a premium when the tyres were being shipped on the same day and it was a quick and easy deal.

The point being that naturally I was going to shop around for such an expensive tyre and between the hand full that I tried you and ODonellans where the best price with great phone skill and customer service. The others are for the bin as they say...

So thank you again and if you would like to use me as a testimonial I would be more than happy...

kind regards,

Name: john (yianni) serpanos \ ceo

Location: Preston


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