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To whom it may concern,

There has been a lot on television lately about shoddy tyre shops & service centres. Well when one's good that should be mentioned too.

On the 20th February 2010 my wife had 2 new front tyres fitted at your Penrith to get her car through rego. She did not have enough money to get the wheel alignment done so, asked me to take the car down the next morning. I had nothing to do that morning so, I waited in the store for it to be done & was told it would be about an hour 15 to an hour 30 with those that were in front of me. About an hour later I heard the alarm horn on her car beep once but thought nothing of it. About another 40 minutes later another car was finished & the keys handed to front desk & the owner was called up. Then the service agent asked my name looked behind him & saw the keys there. My wife's car had been ready for over half an hour, the beep I heard was the car being locked. When I went up to the desk he said don't worry about it no charge. I would have been happy If he said half price or even $50.00 but, not to charge me at all was more than I expected.

Any business is built around good customer service well you more than lived up to that. The best form of advertising is also the worst, word of mouth. So I have told my mates & will be back there in May for my car when its due for rego.

Keep up the good customer service.

With Thanks

Name: Craig

Location: Penrith


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