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I would like to commend Graeme Sharp from Jax Tyres in Orange NSW for taking the time to assist my Daughter Kim in January 2011 at Orange. Kim was driving from Perth WA to her new job as a Swim Coach in Macksville NSW when she hit a series of potholes outside Orange badly damaging three tyres on her Ford Ute. It was Saturday afternoon and I knew the tyre retailers in country NSW would be closed.

Kim was in trouble and we didn't want her stranded part-way to her new job. I rang around and the only person who picked up the phone out of hours was Graeme.

After explaining the problem Graeme stayed at the shop until Kim limped in. He took the time to scout around to find and fit one new and two second hand tyres that Kim could buy allowing her to safely get back on the road.

Very impressive customer service, above and beyond the call!

Many Thanks.

Name: Mike McGreevy


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