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I am just writing to say that JAX Mitchell ACT is a great shop I am not a relative or friend. I am just a person of the street with no agenda just appreciated very much how helpful they were.

I changed over my Toyota Troupy wheel rims and tyres they gave me a fair price as well as really good advise re making certain the tyre/rim size and rim width was suitable to the tyre and the type of tyres re side wall strength for 4wd driving plus using it on the road suitability. The $2000 plus is a lot of money to me, so I really wanted to get the very best decision for what I need the car to do and have longevity.

I was really impressed with JAX Mitchells service. They gave me a copy of the wheel alignment report and explained it all and showed me how it works related to my car and answered my questions and gave me advice. They checked my suspension brakes etc at the time of changing the wheels and tyres. They gave me the names of other firms to get other work done. I asked them about my tyre repair gear they explained it all in detail and when and what to use of the gear. I got a very detailed invoice etc of exactly what they did and they gave me all the in a nice folder Plus they gave me a premium account where I can bring back the car to check that all ok in 5000 km and told me that you are going to send me an email reminding me, and not to think it was some weirdo :).

They were also down to earth, friendly and so helpful and I had my dog in the shop and they were really fine with her being there. All of this in what appeared to me to be a very busy shop with customers.

My thanks and appreciation to Matt, Sam and all their staff they were great and certainly am recommending them.



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