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JAX Tyres Customer Testimonial: Mackay

Hello JAX Tyres

I wanted to recognise one of your franchises with some outstanding service. On Saturday (21/10) husband & I were driving a 2004 monaro we had purchased a week or so before, & were driving back to our hometown of Cairns. After Marlborough one of our back tyres started to shred. Panic ensued for me. David (hubby) went to put the spare tyre on. I called Mackay JAX, I think her name was Faith but I may be wrong (I was very stressed). I explained where we were & what had happened. She was so friendly and calming, yes she had tyres in stock & yes she could help us out. I gave her my name and number. Little did we know, the guy husband bought the car off had the wrong damn spanner in the boot & no wheel brace, so he couldn't get the tyre off. We were not impressed. David saw the wire had cut off the ?laminate? something & we decided to drive towards Mackay. About 200 ks from where we were. And either no servos, or no tools in servos. So we drove slowly. I called Faith again, left a message to let her know we were still on our way but going to take longer than first expected. We ended up getting into Mackay about 11.30 am. I rang Faith to say we were in Mackay, google maps said I was 10 min away. I mucked it up and we went the wrong way. So at 11.45 faith calls me to see if all is ok. We get to JAX Mackay at 11.50. And Faith was so kind and professional, went through what had happened, & the staff in the workshop were so professional and friendly. No-one was grumpy they had to work back because of us. We were made to feel welcome (& safe, in good hands). When they were finished, the workshop guys spoke to David over some problems they had noted. As I wasn't understanding the 'car words' & David was in no mood to placate me, Faith explained to me what things meant, how it may affect the drive & that it was safe. I cannot highlight how much I appreciated that. In fact Faith (I hope I have that name right) was so kind and friendly - all of the Mackay staff were. We made it back to Cairns Saturday night. We already knew before we left the gold coast we would need new tyres, we thought we could make it back to cairns. Can you please please let anyone and everyone know about this magnificent service we received at Mackay JAX. They went above & beyond. Customer service beyond the call of duty. Sorry for the long message - I wanted to explain our situation so you understand we were stressed and worried. JAX Mackay helping us out also saved us staying in Mackay till Monday - which we would've had to do if we couldn't get the tyres Saturday. The staff were all professional. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot thank them all enough. Thousands of gold stars.

Thank you. Lisa & David

Name: Lisa

Location: Cairns

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