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I just wanted to offer a note of gratitude for your excellent service this week. I had my Toyota Spacia towed in to your shop on Thursday 8 December because it broke down on the highway. From the first phone call at noon your guys were professional all the way. The car, with nearly 200,000 km’s just came out of a major service at the Toyota dealership less than a month ago. They made no recommendations for timing belt replacement or water pump. I took the car home from that service and it was making all sorts of clunky sounds and idling really rough. I don’t know if those sounds were from the water pump or if the idling problems were anything to do with the timing belt, but I’m a bit surprised that they did not make a recommendation to change the timing belt with a car this old that was purchased and previously serviced by them. Anyway…I call your guys and BAM! Tow it in. It gets looked at and diagnosed within a few hours. I’m treated with respect and professionalism. I get a recommendation to replace the timing belt and water pump and by noon the next day I’m driving my car again and it’s running smoother than it has in two years! No rattling sounds and smooth idle. Thanks very much for your excellent service.

Name: Eric

Location: Fairy Meadow


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