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I want to tell you about Langdon Hill at your Essendon store. I'm so impressed with this guy.

No doubt I'll meander a bit with the story, but stick with me.

I bought a 'new' car this week- a 2005 Accord Euro. Mint. But... drifting to the left. Seriously. Tiring to drive; a real pain.

Took it back to the car yard. They use another tyre retailer for their tyre work. 'Yair mate, we'll check the alignment. We'll re-balance the wheels. No worries.'

2 hours go by.

Drive car. EXACTLY the same as it was before. "No good, mate", I say through gritted teeth. 'Did you test drive it?'

'Nah mate, we don't do that.'

And I've had a bad week. No-one can service anything. My phone, my computer, my other car, all had poor service and a lack of ownership to solve the problem.

The guy says 'We'll try something else'. I go, 'yeah, alright'. 'Give me 30 minutes' he says.

I go for a walk. I spot JAX with a billboard out the front advertising Continental tyres, and call in, 'cos I suspect the budget spec Nexens on the car are the root of the problem. I meet Langdon.

We talk about tyres. He quotes a deal on some Contis which is attractive . I say, 'I'll be back if they can't fix it.'

Now, this is the bit that matters to me - he says ' We close at 1.00 pm - but I don't mind hanging back if you're stuck. Let me know.'

The other mob can't fix it, of course.

5 minutes to 1, I catch Langdon. I buy the tyres, Langdon and his tyre fitter (nice guy also) hang back for an hour and sort it out for me. And they do a REAL wheel alignment, with a print out and evidence that they have made a difference. The car now tracks perfectly.

I'm so impressed. Really. That's service. If you guys have an employee of the month, the year or the decade, Langdon should get it. After my week, this guy is a breath of fresh air.

Look after him, and thanks.

Name: Mr R Woods


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