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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to pass on my very positive experience I received in the last 24 hours. I am about to purchase a VW Amarok and I am after a set of new rims and off road tyres.

I used Google and your site ranked the highest and I clicked on your site to discover that you offer several options for this vehicle. I then used the store locator so I can find out an expected ETA and price on selected rims and tyres.

I rang and explained this to a very helpful person at the South Caufield site ... he went above and beyond trying to assist me. There are some technical issues with the rims and combos for this vehicle so I needed someone to take this issue by the horns.

I went into to see Nathan and the service was exceptional. He has now organized a single tyre and is fitting it to his own rim off his personal car which has the same rim and is going to fit it to a Demo Amarok which I will bring in and ensure it clears.

Wow, I was so impressed, this will give me peace of mind and ensure everything is safe and effective. He also had no issue with getting the Coopers and although offered some alternatives he respected that I had enjoyed fantastic life and performance from the several coopers I have had. I will be going back on Monday to have this done and have already referred two people to his store. I have several vehicles with my business including a couple of Mercedes which I have been very fussy with and although the distance is nearly an hour further away than my local tyre store which I was previously very happy with, I will now only be going to see Nathan. Sorry for the lengthy email but great service is not common these days and wanted to ensure I let your office know of my experience.

I live by the theory: treat people as you want to be treated and those exact words were used by Nathan today and he ran that store like I run my business.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely wish your company every success during these tough times.


Name: Tony Knight

Location: Moorabbin


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