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Just a note to say how pleased I am with my B.F. Goodrich "All Terrain" tyres.

I work in the Property Development industry and travel all over S.E. QLD , which includes highway travel, gravel roads, dirt tracks and paddock bashing, often on large rural properties during the initial inspection and then the development of these properties on a constant basis and I find that these tyres are the best tyres available. Although some people would find them expensive, I can tell you they are well worth investing in.

I have had about 5 sets of these tyres over the past decade on my various 4 x 4's and they all perform the same.

  • At least 110 klm's on a set, (the ones I have on my Cruiser have done over 130,000 klm's). Hardly ever get a flat tyre, even in the roughest of conditions.
  • Great tread pattern that will get you out of most situations.
  • Terrific strong walls on these tyres.

An example of their worth is that the original tyres that came on the cruiser (won't mention their names) I only got 40,000Klm's out of, and at that point, in the last two months I had spent over $1200 just buying replacement tyres and fixing punctures, and these tyres would have probably been $75.00 cheaper / tyre. So as you can see, I was totally frustrated and quickly decided to totally get rid of them and put the trusted B. F. Goodrich "All Terrain" tyres on, which were slightly more expensive, but over the term of the tyres work out to be cheaper, a lot cheaper, tyre as you are getting 3 times the usage at only a small expense upfront and you can go anywhere and hardly ever get a flat tyre.

I have spent most of my life in the bush driving 4 x 4's and these tyres in my opinion and experience, are amongst THE BEST TYRES IN THE WORLD, if you want quality and long lasting tyres.

Yours Faithfully.

Name: Aidan Wales

Location: Bowen Hills


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