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In this day and age where customer service is becoming more difficult to find, I thought it fitting for me to comment on the exceptional service I have recently received at the Ashmore Branch of JaxQuickfit Tyres.

I was approaching the end of a two year rebuild on my 1985 Series 3 RX7 when I was confronted with a problem. I had fitted an after market brake upgrade to the front of the car that was supposed to keep the wheel track the same. This was important as I had limited wheel clearance and any widening of the track would cause issues. There is no need to explain the obvious result; I needed to purchase new wheels. Staggered wheels are virtually impossible to purchase off the shelf these days, my only alternative was to have wheels made.

Andre offered me a brochure from Showwheels, the range was exceptional. I ordered the wheels and impatiently waited the 3 months it took for them to be manufactured and delivered. My aim was to build a quick street/show car that was totally street legal. This is where Andre and his team left their opposition behind. The task of locating a very specific profile for the rear of the car to keep it street legal was too much trouble for the others. As it turned out, only one tyre company is currently manufacturing the profile I required. Andre said he was not a dealer for this brand of tyre, but he could certainly obtain a price and supply them if I was satisfied with his quote. The price he quoted me was less than the company that was the dealer for this particular brand of tyre.

The tyres were ordered and on the shelf weeks before the wheels arrived from America. I appreciated this as I was on a tight deadline to enter the car in the 19th Jamboree Show and Shine at Willowbank Raceway at the end of August.

At no stage was I concerned that my new wheels or for that matter the RX7, would be damaged by poor workmanship. The care and attention taken by the team at Ashmore was obvious, I wish I could say that about some of the other workshops my cars have been in over the years. The alignment that was done on the car has it handling and turning into corners better than ever and I am looking forward to club days at the local race circuits. Again, it is difficult to find a workshop that is prepared to go that extra step away from the norm, these guys do.

Finally, thanks again to Andre and his team, their direction and effort assisted me greatly in achieving my deadline for the show. The RX7 was granted the Top 2 Door pre 1989 title at the 19th Jamboree.


Name: Wayne Schulz

Business Name: Ashton Manufacturing

Location: Ashmore


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