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I purchased 4 BFG's for my Colorado from Andre and the team a few months ago now and have been meaning to send through a review. When I was looking on the tyre selector to work out which tyres I wanted, a $50 cash back promotion came up as well as the Air Compressor deal with the BGF's. Andre told me the the $50 cash back was not a promotion at the time and that the selector was faulty. Although, Andre was good enough to honour the cash back and the air compressor deal. From what I understand, the $50 has come out of his pocket. I have been coming to see Andre and the team since I got my licence in 2000. It has always been a pleasure to come in and do business with Andre. I have known and seen him go through happiness and sickness. Regardless of the situation he has always had a great attitude while speaking with all types of customers and has always made it easy to keep coming back. I have started to also bring my car in for servicing with Andre and the team. Being a single mum of 2 children, I need to ensure that the car is safe when travelling, even if it is only to and from school. I am 100% confident that Andre will ensure that my car is in running well and it is safe to drive and that I will not be ripped off or quoted for repairs that do not need to be done. I am very grateful and thankful to the Ashmore team, especially Andre for the fantastic service, advice and honestly that he offers when dealing with my car over the years. Thank you to the Ashmore store and Andre for everything that they do for me and my family. JAX Ashmore is a store that I recommend to all of my friends and family for their tyre and servicing needs.

Name: Rachel

Location: Ashmore

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