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Pirelli's Craig Lowndes Warns on Easter Tyre Safety

Newly-appointed Pirelli Tyres Ambassador Craig Lowndes has reminded drivers to check the safety of their tyres ahead of the Easter long weekend.

Along with the annual Christmas break, Easter is the year's most dangerous period on Australian roads due to a combination of traffic volumes and fickle weather conditions.

"Easter weather is often unpredictable and combined with the sheer numbers of people taking a short motoring holiday, means that it's not a time to be taking risks with your tyres," Craig Lowndes, V8 Supercar superstar says.

"A quick tyre check, which you can do yourself at home, could make a big difference to the safety of you & your family this Easter." 

Lowndes suggests starting with the tyres' inflation pressures. "You'll find the recommended (tyre) pressures on a placard on the driver's door frame, and take note that there's usually higher pressures suggested if the car's fully loaded with passengers and luggage.

"And don't forget the spare (wheel), you don't want to be stranded beside the highway with no useable spare," Pirelli's spokesman says.

Next is a visual check of the tyres.

"Every tyre has a tread-wear indicator, which is a bridge of rubber that connects each tread block across the face of the tyre tread.

"If you can see those, it means the tyres are too worn to be effective, you need new tyres," Lowndes says.

"You also need to examine the tyre sidewalls . are there any bubbles, cuts or other damage?

"Again, if there is you need to get them checked by an expert, don't risk a potentially lethal tyre failure."

Lowndes suggests visiting any Pirelli Approved Dealer Australia-wide if you have any pre-Easter safety concerns or questions.

Married with two young children, the 33-year-old is keen to protect his family from unnecessary danger and share his knowledge of tyre performance and safety with everyone.

"In my business, tyre safety is paramount and I think the same away from the track, that's why I am delighted to represent the world's premier high performance tyre brand.

"From my perspective, fitting Pirelli tyres is about maximizing your personal safety and the dynamic performance of your car, which again comes back to safety margins."

Craig Lowndes, Pirelli Ambassador and V8 Supercar superstar

March 2008