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Continental Wins Australian Tyre Test

Continental's new tyre designed for family cars has won the latest tyre test in the March 2006 issue of Australia's leading consumer magazine.

The Continental Conti Premium Contact 2 shared the best overall score with one other tyre in the survey of 205/65R15 tyres suitable for medium and large cars built here and overseas.

The ContiPremiumContact 2 outscored tyres from 16 other manufacturers in the performance assessment, which included cornering and braking tests.

The publication assessed how well each tyre managed to keep the car within the lane chosen by the test driver at speeds of 75kmh, 80kmh and 85kmh.

It also performed the same cornering test in wet conditions at 65kmh and 75kmh, with the Continental tyre the only one to keep the test car in the lane at 75kmh.

The magazine says its tests show that 5kmh can make a difference between a car holding a corner comfortably and going out of control.

The ContiPremiumContact 2 tread pattern features an innovative 3D groove with steep and shallow sides, developed to improve wet weather performance.

The steep side of the groove functions much like a windscreen wiper, penetrating the film of water and dispersing it, and ensuring direct contact between the tyre and the road is maintained.

On dry roads, the shallow side of the groove stiffens the tread pattern and shortens braking distances.

Continental is the number one tyre maker in Germany, number two tyre maker in Europe, and one of the fastest-growing premium tyre brands in Australia.

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February 2006