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Continental : The New Conti VancoCamper

225/75R16CP 116R Conti Vanco Camper - Original Equipment on Fiat Ducato Camper Van

For memories of a safe and pleasant holiday with the camper van.

Modern day camper vans are hi tech vehicles which make the never-ending dream of extended holiday mobility come true. Therefore campers demand a safer vehicle performance which particularly puts the tyres into focus. The VancoCamper meets the demands of camping vehicle manufacturers, the caravan press and campers themselves.

The concept of the VancoCamper is to use long well-proven Vanco technique, optimise its performance for distinguished motor caravan requirements and thus cater to the needs of this specific target segment.


The CP designation as a characteristic for safety improved camper van tyres.

  • Special tread compound for improved grip on wet surfaces
  • Reinforced belt and carcass design for a high resistance against abrasion, overloading and exterior impacts
  • Superior quality inner liner offering higher air tightness and durability
  • Stiff sidewall construction for stronger transverse support for loaded rear axles


  • Improved enjoyment of traveling with mobile homes due to better safety, comfort, agility and convenience.
  • High safety reserves, prevention of under-inflation, longer service intervals.
  • Reduced braking distance in the wet.
  • High load capacity particularly for camper van applications, improved endurance in rough camping conditions.
  • Safer driving stability for rear-heavy camper vans.

May 2008