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Self-Sealing Tyres from Continental

Using technology called ContiSeal, Continental has developed a system that makes it possible for a vehicle to continue on its way even after a tyre has been punctured with a screw or nail. A protective layer on the inside of the tread immediately seals holes that develop when screws or nails puncture the tyre, so that no air can escape. "The seal works on nearly all leaks caused by objects up to 5 millimetres in diameter", says Detlef Zschörner, head of the Automotive Group Volkswagen / Audi at Continental. "That means they can take care of about 85 percent of typical flat tyres."

Depending on the vehicle design, the ContiSeal tyres for the Passat CC have the size 235/45 R 17 W or 235/40 R 18 W and are manufactured with the tread of the ContiSportContact 3 high-tech tyre.

Because the motorist sometimes doesn't notice that a foreign object has penetrated the tyre, Continental recommends that tyres be examined regularly for nails or screws. If in doubt, motorists should consult with a car dealership or tyre dealer. Tyres with ContiSeal technology were first introduced as concept tyres at last year's IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show).

ContiSeal technology eliminates the need for the spare wheel, making the vehicles lighter weight and opening up further possibilities for designers when creating the boot. Continental showcased the ContiSeal technology at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2008.

The new Passat CC four-door will leave the plant equipped with self-sealing Continental tyres in USA & Europe from late 2008. Volkswagen Australia is still deciding, if the new Passat CC will be launched here and if it will be fitted with the new ground-breaking technology.

May 2008