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Continental Concept tyres for a perfect Showcar styling

Sensational studies of 'concept cars', the vehicles of the future, are a hallmark of the motor shows of today. Whether in Detroit, Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris or Tokyo, futuristic Concept cars in particular are crowd pullers at International Motor Shows. Even the tyres are futuristic.

These special and complex designed colorful tyres are often made by Continental. For years, Continental has manufactured customised tyres for vehicle studies, using both spectacular and reserved designs depending on the manufacturer's choice of solution from the range of exclusive design proposals.

Continental's tyre design department handles orders for eye-catching customised tyres for concept and show cars. Over 20 tyres have been ordered by VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, GM, Jaguar, smart and Volvo which are developed and made in small series at Continental's Technology Centre in Stoecken/Germany.

Only 3 to 4 months are between the first contact and delivery of these exclusive tyres. Car manufacturers wish to have an optimal supplementation to their styling. Therefore, a close and intensive collaboration with designers from car manufactures is paramount.

This close partnership gives Continental the opportunity to identify design trends at an early stage, which is very helpful for the development of new tread patterns.

Aug 2007