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ContiSportContact Vmax is the world's fastest standard production tyre

The ContiSportContact Vmax, which has already repeatedly demonstrated its performance at up to 360 km/h, has now been entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's fastest standard production tyre. This record, which has been recognised by the publisher of the Guinness Book of Records, is expected to appear in the new edition of the book and to be available for viewing on the internet at Continental has had the world's first tyre approved for road use at speeds up to 360 km/h in its product range since 2004.

It was designed specifically for ultra fast super sport cars in the customising sector. When developing this high-speed tyre which is approved for road use, Continental did not need to get involved in Formula One or similar racing series - the company was able to call on the expertise gained in the design of high-performance tyres for Original Equipment and when working together with renowned sports car manufacturers and car consumers. The super sports tyre is based on the successful ContiSportContact product family; the ContiSportContact Vmax model underwent further development to achieve substantially enhanced high-speed characteristics. Top priority in this context was efficient tyre cooling, whilst maintaining good handling and positive characteristics in the wet.

Tuning specialist mtm establishes new speed record of 393 km/h with Audi TT Bimoto fitted with ContiSportContact Vmax

On July 17, the tuning company motoren technik mayer (mtm) set a new speed record of 393 km/h on the high-speed test track in Papenburg/Germany. In doing so, the roughly 735 kW (1000 HP) two-engined Bimoto Audi TT, following preparatory test runs, was fitted with the world's fastest production tyre, the ContiSportContact Vmax. After the successful trial, both mtm and Continental are confident of being within striking distance of exceeding the 400-km/h mark with a sports car with combustion engine.

Aug 2007