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ContiSportContact 3 - Superior Safety and Premium Performance

Demonstrating its commitment to safety, performance and excellence in engineering, Continental announces Australia-wide availability of its newest ultra high-performance tyre, the ContiSportContact3.

According to Continental's, Michael Revill, the third generation of this award-winning tyre range features marked and measurable improvements on its highly successful predecessor, the ContiSportContact2.

Continental developed the new ContiSportContact3 with manufacturers and drivers of sports cars in mind. Accordingly, the new asymmetric high-tech tyre offers shorter braking distances, even better handling properties and enhanced safety on wet roads, to cite just its main characteristics. Continental carries a special tread pattern for rear-wheel-driven sports cars with powerful engines and another for tuning requirements.

"Specifically, Continental's globally renowned team of engineers has reduced braking distances on both wet (5%) and dry (3%) surfaces, whilst aquaplaning protection has increased by 6%. Our testing has also shown rolling resistance has been reduced by 5%, which results in better fuel economy."

Motorists expect sports tyres to do more than just perform well at high-speeds. They must also provide a wide margin of safety on dry and wet roads and exhibit ideal cornering characteristics. These are much the same demands that automakers specify when testing tyres for the coveted original equipment releases.

According to Revill, "Automakers also look to see whether the vehicle and tyre make a good match. To meet these demands, Continental has found a way to up the new ContiSportContact3 high-tech sports tyre's handling performance on dry and wet roads by as much as five percent over its predecessor. For the 2007 season, Continental has added an impressive 90 sizes to the range for this tyre.

"We have sold over 30 million ContiSportContact tyres globally and the range has received more than 200 approvals from the automotive industry, making it the most successful sports tyre range in the world.

"We are expecting the ContiSportContact3 to be very popular in Australia, particularly for consumers who demand ultra high-performance tyres, without compromising on safety," concluded Revill.

Tantamount to its safety and performance, the ContiSportContact3 is already original equipment on vehicles including Mercedes Benz, AMG, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Volvo, VW, Jaguar and Renault. Additional original equipment announcements for some of the world's most prestigious automotive brands are expected to be made over the coming months.

October 2007