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Challenge Bibendum: offsetting CO2 emissions

Challenge Bibendum, the unique event on sustainable road mobility offsets its CO² emissions with Future Climate, an Australian based not-for-profit organisation.

Challenge Bibendum, the premier global forum on sustainable mobility, gathers more than 3,000 participants, car manufacturers, industrialists from the automotive and energy sectors, universities, research institutes, government representatives from numerous countries, international organizations, as well as 450 journalists from around the world.

The event presents over 150 vehicles equipped with the most advanced technologies are tested in real world conditions on a variety of parameters by the Technical Committee and by the participants.

Acting as a catalyst, Challenge Bibendum will greatly accelerate the bringing to market of innovative solutions curbing down CO² emissions from road mobility.

However like every human activity, the Challenge Bibendum event will release CO² in the atmosphere. The emissions are a result of a variety of activities including oil burnt by the vehicles participating in the competition, transportation of vehicles and visitors, local logistics, accommodation including heating, air conditioning and waste removal.

Therefore Michelin decided it was useful to implement immediate solutions to offset the most direct emissions, estimated at around 500 metric tons of CO².

This offset will be performed in collaboration with Future Climate, an Australian based not-for-profit organisation that will participate in the financing of the operation.

Future Climate will plant two hectares of native forest in Australia that will capture 500 metric tons of CO² during their life time. At least four trees are planted for each tons of CO² to offset. In addition to absorbing greenhouse gases as they grow these, trees will contribute to the establishment of permanent native forests.

This forest will create a wealth of environmental benefits such as helping to restore biodiversity and providing essential habitat for native wildlife. The tree planting program contributes to reducing pressure on the environment, by restoring native forests, to enhancing biodiversity, improving soil quality and providing essential habitat for native species.

Contributing at the same time to reducing the CO² concentration in the atmosphere in the long term and on a shorter term, Michelin's objective is to enable transportation to advance towards sustainable mobility.

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