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Brake Repairs and Servicing

Maintaining the integrity of your brakes is one of the most important things you can do for your safety while driving. The nature of the way that brakes are constructed means that they wear continually, and regular servicing of your vehicle's brakes may save your life. JAX Tyres offer full brake servicing and repairs, and include a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you are happy with the work. JAX Tyres repair and service both main types of brakes, drum and disc, as well as ABS brakes, to ensure that you are driving in the safest vehicle possible.

Brake Servicing

Your vehicle's brakes are based on using friction to stop the wheels turning. Basically, both disc and drum brakes use pads which are applied to a drum or disc attached to the wheel. These pads are what most commonly wear out, and when they do the brakes cease to function safely. This can result not only in your car not stopping promptly, but also in other safety problems such as pulling to one side, which may result in the vehicle rolling or spinning under pressure. Worn pads can also cause damage to brake drums and discs, through scoring of the surface of the disc or drum.

Regular servicing by a quality expert repairer such as JAX Tyres can avoid these problems by checking for and replacing worn pads (or shoes') thus preventing scoring of the other surfaces, and by repairing and servicing the other working parts of your brakes, including cylinders, springs, pins callipers, drums or discs and bushing. JAX Tyres repairs and services disc and drum brakes as well as ABS brakes on most vehicles.

When to service your brakes

Because brakes are of such vital importance to your vehicle's safety, regular servicing and checking is paramount. Have your brakes serviced regularly, at least as often as your regular car service, and schedule an immediate repair if any of the following signs of wear develop;

  • You have to push the pedal down hard or close to the floor before your car brakes properly.
  • Your car pulls to one side as you brake.
  • The wheels heat up as you brake, the engine seems to lose power or your brakes feel as though they are sticking.
  • You hear strange noises such as squeals, banging, rattling, grinding, chatter' or other unusual sounds when braking.
  • The brake warning light coming on
  • Your car or just the steering wheel vibrates or shudders when you brake

These are classic signs of worn (perhaps dangerously so) brakes, and should signal to you that your car needs immediate attention from a qualified and experienced brake specialist such as your nearest JAX Tyres store. However, if you notice anything unusual about the way your vehicle's brakes are performing, a service or at least a check is in order.

Brake repairs and servicing

Money spent on servicing and repairing your brakes may save your life, or the lives of your loved ones. Ensure that you only use a reputable and experienced brake repairer to do work of any kind on your brakes. JAX Tyres offer not only quality work and parts but also offer a value and quality guarantee. Safety for your car and your wallet!