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Pirelli Takes to the Track with more than 3500 Tyres at Pre-Season Testing in Barcelona: the Debut for this Year’s New Wider Tyres on the All-New 2017 Cars

Pirelli will bring more than 3500 tyres to Barcelona for the first eight days of testing with the latest-generation 2017 cars (from February 27-March 2, then again from March 7-10).
Last year, Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari carried out a series of tests with mule cars from August to November: 2015 chassis that had been modified to simulate the increased downforce levels of the 2017 technical regulations.

Pirelli Celebrates 110 Years of Motorsport in Turin

So Pirelli is delighted that so many champions have also turned up for the party, from some of the stars of Formula 1 to the legend that is Alessandro Zanardi, a multiple gold Olympic medallist who has now returned to racing and is straight back to his winning ways: obviously with Pirelli.

Pirelli P Zero tyres take Ferrari 488 to debut Bathurst 12 Hour victory

Whincup, completing his first race for Ferrari, hunted down the Mercedes and passed it in the closing stages, but the battle was only finally decided when van Gisbergen dramatically hit the wall. In total, there were 16 safety cars, seven race leaders, and 23 changes of lead during the 12 hours, with the winning car completed 290 laps or 1978 kilometres of Mount Panorama.

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