Michelin awarded Prince Michael Road Safety Award

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Michelin has received the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award at the first Decade of Action for Road Safety Policy & Donor Forum held in New York City on 2nd May.

Recognising Michelin’s commitment to road safety, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent and Royal Patron of The Commission for Global Road Safety said: “Michelin is a global leader in road safety innovation not only through its product development but also in the field of care for its own employees.”

But its wider corporate commitment to community safety and international programs is an outstanding example to all businesses.”

Michelin says that its strategic focus on performance would be meaningless without an ongoing commitment to make roads around the world safer and that the focus on road safety is part of its corporate social responsibility.

This reflects one of Michelin’s core values ‘respect for people’ by supporting safer driving programs, providing safer driving training to employees and promoting road safety to the general public.

Michelin became one of the first companies to sign the Global Road Safety Commitment to support the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, investing six million euro in 2012 to support global road safety initiatives worldwide.

The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is supported by the Road Safety Fund.

The Fund supports the UN program by raising financial funding from corporations in order to invest in road injury prevention programmes in developing countries and facilitates global advocacy for the UN program, exchange of knowledge and creates new partnerships.

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