Pirelli Debuts 2012 Formula One Tyres at Young Driver Test

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Pirelli will debut its 2012 Formula One tyres at the young driver test in Abu Dhabi, across the next three days.

With in-season testing currently banned for this year, it presents an excellent opportunity for the tyres manufacturer to put the tyres through their paces.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport director, said: “Now that the season is virtually over, we’re already well underway with our preparations for 2012.

We ran some experimental tyres on Friday in Abu Dhabi, and we’ll also be running some new tyres in Brazil.

“Together with the information we accumulate during the young driver test, we’re gathering plenty of data in preparation for next year, where we will see a reduction in lap times between the compounds to hopefully make racing even closer.

“Although the young drivers don’t have the same experience as the regular drivers, this three-day test will be a good education for them.

“It’s also very important in terms of information-gathering, for both ourselves and the teams, as we aim to make the tyres an even more prominent feature of the action in 2012.”

The three-day test is primarily designed for teams to try our new drivers, who have completed no more than two grands prix previously and are in possession of an International A licence.

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