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Expertise in Tyres & Wheels at JAX Tyres Ashmore

Kevin Wakefield (store manager), Andre Keyzer (franchisee), Billy, Aris and Jason

The key to keeping the customer satisfied is having happy staff, according to a Queensland businessman.

Andre Keyzer, who owns JAX Tyres at Ashmore, says looking after his staff is his first priority, because contented staff help build the business.

Andre's Gold Coast store is one of 70 stores under the JAX Tyres Tyre name, a chain that stretches from north Queensland to Tasmania. He's been there for four years.

"I was born and bred in Adelaide before moving to the Gold Coast 15 years ago, and had been in the tyre industry all my life until then. I trained as a tyre fitter, starting in 1977 before moving up to management."

"Then in 1993 I needed a change, so I jumped in the car, drove around Australia and ended up on the Gold Coast."

Andre wanted a serious change so instead of returning to the tyre industry, he worked his way through increasingly senior positions with a fuel company. But the lure of the tyre industry was too strong. It's what he knows and enjoys.

He wanted more contact with people and he wanted to work for himself, but with the security and buying power of a major company behind him. When the Ashmore store came up, he grabbed it.

"This business is all about people, having a bit of fun and a bit of a laugh while you're sorting out their car problems. I love it."

Andre has a team of four working with him, including his manager Kevin Wakefield who has been working with tyres for 20 years, and he's proud to say that it's the same crew who helped him open the store four years ago.

"I look after them because if your staff don't enjoy being at work, then they won't look after the customers. If they're happy and productive, the customers feel comfortable. They feel they can trust the service they're getting."

JAX Tyres at Ashmore has a very large female clientele. Andre says he would like to say it's because the team is all so good looking - but apparently that's not the secret!

"They trust us to give them the right advice. Women will take advice - not all guys do! In fact, we have some older women who are regular customers and they'll come in and bring packets of biscuits for morning tea - so of course we're happy to put the kettle on!

"It's the way things work. Take care of people and they will come back, and they'll tell their friends about you. We don't get many complaints at all, and if we do, we sort them out fast. Word of mouth is the best advertising - but it can also be the worst, if you're not doing your job."

Andre is really happy being back in the tyre industry and thoroughly enjoying living on the Gold Coast. He confesses to being a mad fisherman as well as enjoying doing things around the house.

"I love being out in the garden and I've just finished all the renovations we wanted to do, so there's a bit more spare time."

Not for long, though. Andre is already planning on opening another JAX Tyres Tyre store - just as soon as he can get things organised.

JAX Tyres Ashmore offers a variety of mechanical services such as brakes and suspension, as well as supplying and fitting the world's leading tyre brands including BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Falken, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli and a wide range of top-line alloy and steel wheels. The store also handles wheel alignments and suspension set-ups for race cars.

Customers who buy two tyres and a wheel alignment from Andre's store are eligible for membership of the JAX Tyres Gold Club Tyre Maintenance Plan which offers huge savings on new tyres, tyre maintenance and servicing as well as a range of special offers.

August 2008